Cooking with Refugees (Küka)

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Once a week, there the oppurtunity for Refugees to come together to cook and eat. Of course, at the end there is a lot of tasty Food to eat. Lively conversation, companionship and the comfortable feeling of cooking yourself is obviously a big part of the experience - since there isnt the posibility to cook in the LEAs. Experienced Volunteers help every one who comes by. On Average, about 12 people come by - Children can come with Parents and enjoy in the Event. After the Cooking, we wash and clean up together.

  • for all genders and agegroups

  • free of charge

12.March.2020 further dates: 26.March.2020 • 09.April.2020 • 23.April.2020 • 07.May.2020 • 21.May.2020
16:30 - 18:30
Eveline Hummel, Marianne Riemersma-Kok
Menschenrechtszentrum, Küche 1 Stock, Alter Schlachthof 59, 76131 Karlsruhe