sick without papers?

Medinetz Karlsruhe is a medical counseling and placement center for undocumented migrants, people without health insurance or without residence status, refugees and homeless people who have no or only limited access to medical care in Germany. For these people, Medinetz Karlsruhe wants to offer a persecution-free space in the Human Rights Center, where discrimination and racism are not tacitly endorsed, and where those affected can find fast, practical, low-threshold and free support. For Medinetz to be a shelter for the persecuted, maintaining anonymity is an important working principle.

We will mediate you to physicians who can provide necessary treatment for free and anonymously. No information will be disclosed to government authorities.

  • for all genders and agegroups

  • free of charge

Mi - 14 -16
Dr. med. Angelika Leist
Menschenrechtszentrum Karlsruhe, Alter Schlachthof 59, 76131 Karlsruhe