How can I help?

Here you will find current opportunities to get involved in the work with and for refugees in Karlsruhe.

Sewing against corona - mouthguards for the LEA

The volunteers of the VSB sewing shop want to support the people - both employees and residents - in the initial registration of the country by sewing their own protective masks.

    You have a sewing machine at home and want to participate?

    You have material (cotton cloths, elastic bands) with which you can support the sewing?

Then please contact the coordinator of the sewing room

Ms Banjanin

Nähen mit einer Nähmaschine

Helpers for the harvest wanted!

You love working out in the fields in nature?
Then it is a job for you!


What is to do?

>>> Bend over all day long and poke asparagus or strawberries
>>> Place heavy foils on the field




>>> Physical fitness
>>> Joy of working in the field for a few weeks
>>> Reliability
>>> Basic knowledge of German


Working hours

In the morning (about 7 - 11 o'clock) and in the evening (about 17 - 19 o'clock).
The times depend on the farm.



Minimum wage (9,35 € per hour)



Mrs. Lichter (District Office Karlsruhe)
or by telephone 0721/936-77080

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Erntehelfer auf dem Feld